Titanium construction component cleaned in accordance with a medical standard.

We offer a wide spectrum for industrial cleaning of parts – for simple degreasing tasks, precise cleaning, or preservative treatment of your construction parts. The spectrum includes standardized cleaning procedures, as well as complex special solutions. We have a suitable solution for your requirements.

The cleanliness of construction parts and precise components is not just an important sign of quality in the production. Often, observing cleanliness requirements is fundamental to the production process itself.

Analysis of cleanliness – issues of complex components

In the case of most products critical for cleanliness, which are manufactured, e.g. in the area of semiconductors or optical industry, the construction components must have a highly clean surface as a rule. Thus, a direct check of these surfaces is often very easy.
However, most automotive construction components critical areas are placed inside the construction components. Many of the components are complex metal products. Often, they are openings for media flow, or internal surfaces, requiring a high level of cleanliness. However, the direct check of these surfaces is only possible in exceptional cases.

Therefore, we recommend discussing this topic at the very beginning in more detail, and assessing the options.

Detail data

Size of batches 100 - 1,000,000 pieces
Diameter of parts independently
Range of tolerances -
Materials Aluminium, steel, high quality steel, brass, cast steel, copper and titanium
Options Analysis of remaining contaminants
Additional machining Conservation / VCI packaging