Flexible machining of rods

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Wir unterstützen unsere Kunden mit der Herstellung und Zulieferung von komplexen mechanischen Fräskomponenten. Mit unserem modernen Maschinenpark aus CNC-Fräszentren bearbeiten wir Frästeile hochpräzise und mehrachsig – und erfüllen damit die gewünschten hohen Qualitätsansprüche.


Your partner for complex milling operations

Precise CNC milled components as the key competence

Based on our deliveries of complex and mechanical milled components manufactured according to drawings, we provide support to many customers.

The state-of-the-art CNC machining centres are available for everyday usage, equipped with 3 plus 2 axes, or round tables.

Production in Switzerland and the Czech Republic

We produce serial and quality components, such as CNC turned components and CNC milled components, always in the most economical place in Switzerland, or in the Czech Republic. Since 1916, we have manufactured assigned turned and milled components based on customer drawings.
Using our modern and highly professional production equipment, we are capable of meeting high customer demands effectively, ensuring good value for money and realizing them in a timely manner. For over 100 years, we have satisfied customers in the areas of automation, drive technology, linear technology, pneumatics, hydraulics, robotics, vacuum technology, medical technology, optical industry, space flights technology and the construction and ancillary industry.

Fully automatic quality inspection in production

Q-buddy – Quality inspection at the highest level

The world's first Q-buddy is a highly efficient unit designed to perform a full quality inspection of mechanically machined precision parts directly at the production machine.

Q-buddy 60

Our production plants

In less than 5 minutes, find out about our production plants in Grenchen and Tábor.

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