New design options due to laser connection in the stainless steel.

We offer solutions for laser welding, laser marking, laser labelling and engraving. Laser labelling increases the value of components. Another application is in traceability, serial numbering, protection against piracy, barcode or QR code labelling. Laser welding offers innovative and financially low-cost complete solution. Our procedures feature the process control with high repeated precision.

The laser welding offers the possibility of permanent connection of different metals. The real benefit compared to traditional methods is the fact, the laser welding is performed completely without deformities. The laser beam ensures concentrated, precise melting. Thus, materials can also be connected, ones which cannot normally be welded together. Mainly metal materials are welded using the laser. Any welding and metallurgical rules must be followed. Most types of steel can be laser welded without cracks, and with high rigidity, while the contents of carbon should not exceed 0.2%.

In the prototyping phase, we work with certified partners of many years. As soon as the status of series is achieved, we take over the process-safe production. We will be pleased to help you with new trends in the design phase (thinking out of the box).

The welding can be performed with or without material additions. Laser welding can be used for the following materials:

  • Aluminium
  • Aluminium cast
  • Cast metal
  • Cast steel
  • High quality steel (chromium steel)
  • Construction and tooling steel
  • Copper
  • Titanium
  • Brass

Our employees can use their long-term experience with laser welding. Let us convince you by our services.

Detail data

Size of batches 100 -> 100,000 pieces
Diameter of parts independently
Range of tolerances 0.02 mm
Materials Aluminium, steel, high quality steel, bronze/brass, cast steel, copper, and titanium
Options Laser welding in the connection with assembly
Additional machining Passivation, sanding