We produce your serial and quality components as CNC turned parts and milled components in plants in Switzerland or the Czech Republic, depending on where the production is more economical.

Ypsotec AG in Grenchen

Ypsotec Company Movie - Grenchen

Ypsotec AG, resident in Grenchen is the 100% subsidiary of Ypsomed AG company. In Grenchen, we develop and produce innovative and low-cost complete solutions in close conjunction with our customers, for turning, milling and laser machining, and installation of assembly groups.

Grenchen is located close to the town of Jurasüdfuss, in an area also known as Medical Valley or Watch Valley. These names are indicative of industrial entities in the medical areas, such as Depuy/Synthes, Stryker and Mathys Medical. In the area of watch production, it is the ETA company, manufacturing all clock works for the Swatch-Group.

Ypsotec s.r.o. in Tábor

Ypsotec Company Movie - Tabor

Ypsotec s.r.o. in Tábor produces precise components by turning with chuck clamping and milling. The main customer in the industry is the area of pneumatics, drive technology and the construction and ancillary industry. Tábor town is located approx. 1 hour by car South of Prague, and it is starting point for customers in Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Austria. A good road network makes for short response times after shipment.