10 reasons why it always pays to co-operate with Ypsotec.

Industrial technology

Based on drawings from our customers, we produce a variety of demanding components using chip machining. We focus on variety of areas of industry and medicine. With area-specific expertise, we know your particular needs. Our key areas in the industry are listed below.

  • Drive technology with high number of applications in the area of direct current steppers
  • Pneumatic industry.
  • Automation technology.
  • Vacuum technology.
  • Comfort area of the automotive industry.
  • Construction and ancillary industry.
  • Humanoid robots.
  • Linear technology, quickly from A to B
  • Drone industry.
Medical technology

In addition to industrial applications, we produce a variety of components for medical technology. As a complete provider, we ensure your success based on fast availability in high quality through integrated production options in the areas of turning, milling, grinding, laser labelling and welding, anodizing, passivation, eloxal coating and other surface finishes. The installation of construction groups supplements our diverse offer. Only the benefits laser technology often allow for new and more effective production methods. Our key areas in medical technology are listedbelow.

  • Trauma implants, like bone screws, hold what belongs together
  • Orthopaedic implants for the pelvic region, to keep you in motion
  • Dental implants, to bite through life
  • Endoscopy: the trained eye does not miss a thing
  • Orthopaedic tools
  • Trauma tools
  • Diabetic pens
  • Diabetic pumps
  • Operating robots
  • Power tools
Material competence

Through our well trained employees, we can machine any materials, such as brass alloys, automation steel, stainless and acid resistant steels, aluminium alloys, titanium alloys, chromium-cobalt alloys, adhesive steel alloys, and magnetizable steel alloys.

From small ones to big ones, usable comprehensively
Von klein bis Gross, vielseitig einsetzbar

From diameter 2 to diameter 320 mm, we are your competent partner. Specifically, this means that you can machine rod material on slide lathes from Ø 2 to Ø 38 mm. In the area of short component turning, we can handle rods up to Ø 65 mm. Turning with chuck clamping can even handle pieces up to Ø 320 mm. Using milling, we can produce components measuring 4 × 4 × 12 mm to 300 × 300 × 2000 mm.

Complex turned components
Komplexe Dreh-Teile

We like to accept challenges and produce complex components. Using modern machinery and a lathe centre with 3 revolver heads (tools clamping systems for 64 tools), we are capable of producing very complex turned components.

Complex milled components

We like to accept challenges and produce complex components. Using modern machinery and a milling centre with round table (3+2 axes), we are capable of producing milled components, which are very complex.

Feasibility study

From the feasibility study, to turning and milling and consequent processes, such as thermal finishing, surface treatment, laser labelling, laser welding, quality assurance, and just-in-time deliveries to the customer. We always provide support with our proven expert knowledge.

Employee education
Aus-und Weiterbildung der Mitarbeitenden

Anyone who wants to have good employees in the future must be ready to provide training to them. Accordingly, Ypsotec is now a significant company renowned for education. Our professional expert trainers educate new production mechanics and poly-mechanics. In addition to expertise, support through social and communication abilities is important to us. Through their education, employees are required to provide a high standard of quality. However, humans learn throughout their lives, therefore, the qualification of employees is periodically extended. Expertly, with respect to technical management, and in lean management.

Careless packages

In addition to turning and milling, we internally perform consequent processes on our own, such as grinding to roundness, honing, laser labelling and laser welding, as well as chip removal with grinding to smoothness, high class edge removal, brush edge removal, and thermal edge removal. Finally, the components are cleaned and packaged as per the customer request, for safe and timely delivery to the customer.

Project management

Projects are demanding for the organization. Any one shot target, such as site preparation, implementation of a new customer project or a comparable intention, must be implemented within the defined time using available personal and financial resources. The term "project management" (PM) covers all required negotiations for the initiation, planning, management, inspection and completion of projects. In practice, various methods have been established, commonly well documented and often supported by appropriate software. Project management (PM) includes planning, management and inspection of projects. Many terms and procedures in the project management have already been established and standardized. Project management methods help to find understandable ways of describing procedures, phases, activities, roles, and results. They include the knowledge gained from many projects, this proven a thousand times.