Quality policy of Ypsotec AG

The success of our business builds on the high quality of our products and services. It is an important criterion for our customers’ satisfaction. Customer satisfaction includes the satisfaction of the Customer with already realized performance. To maintain customer satisfaction, we carry out surveys among customers and also evaluate results of measurements with the Customer, such as delivery date, quality and quantity. We foster intensive contacts with customers that build on partnership and long-term relationship. We identify and respect customers’ requirements and expectations and act as a competent partner. Ensuring quality and continuous quality improvement is a permanent task of all our employees in our plant. Each of us is responsible for ensuring the required quality of products. We look after the partnership with our suppliers. Every promise and agreement is binding. This requires the engagement of all employees and cooperation exceeding everyone’s area and function. To achieve this we support the education and motivation of our employees and we communicate openly. Our processes and organization focus on preventing mistakes and on learning lessons from previous mistakes. Our managers must be role models and set an example by complying with company policies and supervise their compliance. We set goals and become accountable for achieving them. If necessary, we introduce corrective measures. The company management is ultimately responsible for quality. To achieve this, our processes and quality assurance systems are reviewed during regular audits and we set quality targets.