Perfect surfaces with the Ypsotec company finishing department. Removal of burr, brushing, grinding to smoothness, or high class edge removal, we offer you a complete program.

Based on our in-depth expertise and continuous development, we can reach out for a large number of applications, and implement the finishing of your construction components. Removal of chips, grinding to smoothness, high class removal of burrs, flow or thermal edge removal, as well as electrochemical polishing and galvanic method of reduction are included in our standardized processes. Other procedures are continuously tested for their compliance with modern-day demands for economy and quality.

Using a special finish master prepared for our customer applications, we achieve the surface quality of N2. Ra 0.05. No matter whether the corrosion protection, surface hardening against wear, or machining with respect to decorative demands: Ypsotec is capable of offering you all common kinds of surface finish. This also includes other special finishing grinding. In this way, we achieve targeted surface refinement in terms of corrosion, appearance, and roughness.

Detail data

Size of batches 100 - 1,000,000 pieces
Diameter of parts Up to the diameter of 40 mm
Range of tolerances N2 Ra 0.05
Materials Aluminium, steel, high quality steel, brass, copper, and titanium
Options Analysis of remaining contaminants
Additional machining Conservation / VCI packaging