Sleeve complete production made of brass including coating and laser marking.

The long turning of CNC precision parts is the origin of our company. With our modern and versatile machinery we find the perfect solution for your turned part requirements in the diameter range of 2 - 38mm. We process all common materials from aluminium, brass, stainless and acid-resistant steel to titanium.

We manufacture precision components on our CNC automatic lathes [Swiss type]  from bars Ø 3 mm up to Ø 38 mm. The machines are equipped with driven tools with C and Y axes, for complex turned and/or milled components with the quality you require. Based on the latest manufacturing technology in our CNC turning shop, we achieve optimum flexibility and highest quality. CNC long-turning automatic machines are used equipped with a bar magazine. We offer flexibility in addition to technical implementation in the range of sizes from 500 to 200,000 pieces.

We manufacture precision parts on our CNC long turning automatic lathes from bars of Ø 3.0mm up to Ø 38mm. The machines are equipped with driven tools with C and Y axes for complex turned and/or milled parts in the quality you require. By using the latest manufacturing technologies in our CNC turning shop with up to 12 CNC axes and up to 60 tools, we achieve high flexibility with the highest quality and in the shortest possible throughput time. CNC long turning automatic lathes with bar loading magazine are used. In addition to the technical implementation, we offer flexibility in the series size of 500 - 200,000 pcs.

Benefits for the customer

  • Machining of all common materials (from aluminium, brass, stainless and acid-resisting steel to titanium)
  • Production from bars Ø 3mm to Ø 38mm
  • Series size from 500 to 200,000 pieces

Slide turning CNC technique

The CNC long turning automatic lathe [Swiss type] is an automatic lathe in which the workpiece provides both the cutting speed and the feed rate. This distinguishes it from the short turning, where the tool provides the feed. Short turning lathes only allow the turning of parts up to approx. 2.5 x D. From this range the very economical working range of long turning starts. Turning long parts requires rigid, backlash-free working conditions. These are created by means of a guide bush, which is missing on the short turning lathe. By guiding the material in this bush, high accuracy with tight tolerances is achieved even for very long parts.

Advantages long turning automatic lathes

  • Working directly on the guide bush (increased accuracy)
  • Clamping and guiding concept reduces vibrations caused by the speed on the bar stock
  • High accuracy due to shortest machining paths
  • Possibility to work with guide bush or directly from chuck

Detail data

Size of batches 500 - 100,000 pieces
Diameter of parts Ø2 - 38mm
Range of tolerances IT6 from bar / blank; IT5 with additional grinding
Materials Aluminium, steel, stainless steel, brass, copper alloys, titanium, sintered material
Options Drilling and milling tool holder with infinitely variable angle
Thread whirling, thread rolling, thread cutting, thread chasing, smooth rolling, cross drilling and milling operations possible
Additional modifications Hardening, grinding, galvanic coating, phosphating, anodising and laser welding and/or laser marking