Turned, milled component from aluminium, completely finished.

Profit from our many years of experience in CNC short turning. We turn metals such as aluminium, titanium and high-alloy rust and acid-resistant steels within the narrowest tolerances. With our most modern CNC short turning machines we can produce with two turrets from bar stock, complicated and precise turned and milled parts in the diameter range up to 65mm.

Short turning / turret turning

Ypsotec AG has established itself in the production of complex turned parts with a high proportion of milling operations. Process control with maximum precision and cost efficiency are no foreign words to us, thanks to dedicated employees in all areas.

Our strength lies in the machining of difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium, stainless steel or high-alloy materials, as well as all non-ferrous metals that have cross- and backside-machining and tight shape and position tolerances; in principle, wherever we can exploit the machine technology to the full.

No matter whether small series, medium or large series: Even thin-walled turned parts with multiple internal and external threads, as frequently required in the optical industry, we manufacture with great experience and high precision.

Detail data

Lot size 500 - 100,000 pieces
Part diameter Ø16 - 65mm
Tolerance range IT6 from blank / bar; IT5 with additional grinding
Materials Aluminium, steel, stainless steel, brass, copper alloys, titanium, sintered material
Options Drilling and milling tool holder with infinitely variable angle
Thread whirling, cross drilling and milling operations possible
Additional treatment Hardening, grinding, surface coating, phosphating, anodising and laser welding or laser marking