Turned piece made from steel.

A mix of long and short turning technology, but with six spindles, production on multi-spindle machines is the ultimate method for the economical and rapid implementation of orders of 50,000 pieces or larger than 1 million parts. This enables us to meet the industry's requirements for maximum process-safe precision combined with flexibility. We manufacture multi-spindle turned parts in the diameter range from Ø 4 to Ø 16mm.

Technology of MultiSwiss multi-spindle machining

Thanks to its drum equipped with torque motor technology, the MultiSwiss achieves a production output comparable to that of cam-controlled machines - and this with extremely low noise levels. The six highly dynamic, independently operating spindles have hydrostatically mounted Z-axes and thus, in addition to the variable angle setting, enable optimum speeds in every position. The front access, the integrated peripheral systems and the simplified programming, which can be carried out by a single-spindle operator, make the MultiSwiss an extremely ergonomic and easy to set up machine.

Tailored to your needs

The MultiSwiss can be tailored precisely to the customer's needs. For example, a Y-axis can be added in position 3 or 4 and various workpiece output options are available. The machine can also be quickly and easily converted to a chucker version. All six work spindles are individually speed-adjustable. During machining, the optimum speed can be programmed for each spindle position and each cutting edge, which can even be varied during cutting. Since speed changes and spindle positioning are also possible during drum switching, no additional non-productive time is required. Further advantages are best chip breakage, highest surface quality, short cycle times and longer tool life. With the multi-spindle machine, even materials that are difficult to machine can therefore be machined with high precision and economically.

The advantages are:

  • Increased productivity and faster set-up times
  • Homogeneous production
  • Outstanding surface quality and precision
  • High flexibility thanks to a large selection of equipment and tool holder systems
  • Reduced tool wear
  • Optimal for order sizes from 50'000 pcs. to more than 1 million
  • Diameter range from 4 to 16mm

Tuned for your needs

The MultiSwiss can be tuned exactly to meet specific customer needs. e.g., a Y-axis can be added in position 3 or 4, and various options for tools unloading are available. In addition, the machine can quickly be prepared in the Chucker version. For all six working spindles, the revolutions count can be controlled individually. During machining, the optimum revolution count can be programmed for each position of the spindle and each tool edge, and the revolution count can also be modified during cutting. The revolutions and spindle positions can be changed during the drum indexing, and no additional secondary durations are generated. Other benefits are implied, such as better chip breaking, higher surface quality, short durations per piece, and longer durability of the tool. Thus, barely machinable materials can also be produced precisely and economically using the multi-spindle machine.

The benefits are as follows:

  • Increasing productivity and faster setup time
  • Homogeneous production
  • Excellent surface quality and precision
  • High flexibility due to large selection of devices and tool holder systems
  • Reduced tool wear
  • Optimal for the production of batches from 50,000 pieces to more than 1 million
  • Diameters from 4 to 16 mm

Detail data

Lot size 50'000 - >1'000'000 pieces
Part diameter max. Ø16mm
Tolerance range IT7 from blank / bar; IT5 with additional grinding
Materials Aluminium, steel, stainless steel, brass, copper alloys, titanium; sintered material
Options drilling and milling tool holder
thread whirling, cross drilling and milling operations possible
Additional treatment Hardening, grinding, galvanic coating, phosphating, anodising and laser welding or laser marking