CNC milled aluminium component.

Modern machinery consisting of 3+2-axis CNC milling centres is the basis for economical machining of complex prismatic construction components. Highly precise, multi-axial complete machining of milled components meets the highest quality demands with economical presumptions. We place emphasis on lean processes and short process durations, and thus, we offer you flexible and effective milling machining.

We work on very modern, precise 3+2-axial CNC milling cutters. Using the latest CAD/CAM systems, we create effective CNC programs. As a chuck, we use standardized and highly precise products, which can be used throughout the production process, or we can offer specific clamping calibres to the customer/product, for multipath clamping or for additional machining of cast components. The same applies to the CAD/CAM department. Designs are created, changed, reviewed there, and relevant optimizations are set for the workpiece processes. In this area, state-of-the-art technology allows for simulating the complete production of construction components in advance, set collisions of tools with fixtures, and run durations.

CNC milled aluminium component

Continuous and final checks are performed and logged on 3D measuring machines.

We produce milled components for you up to cubes of 450 × 500 × 300; various precise machining centres with 3+2 axes are available for this purpose.

Our machines are equipped with supplementary axes (3+2), so that they can economically produce complex milled components in clamping, too. Similarly to turned components, it is true for the milled components, too, that we specialize in batch sizes even from 100 pieces.

Raw materials are tailor-cut by the company using automatic cutters before machining on our CNC milling cutters. We machine almost all machinable materials, such as

  • steel
  • non-ferrous metals
  • high quality steel
  • aluminium alloys
  • aluminium pressure casts
  • sintered steel

In order to meet the high demands of our customers and their task specifications, we process only brand semi-products made by leading manufacturers, entirely with material certification.

Detail data

Size of batches 100 - 100,000 pieces
Diameter of parts L×W×H = 450 × 500 × 300
Range of tolerances IT7 from non - machined piece; IT5 with additional grinding
Materials Aluminium, steel, high quality steel, brass, special copper alloy, titanium, sintered material
Options Loading robot for pieces count up to 100,000 pieces
Additional modifications Hardening, grinding, surface coating, phosphate coating, eloxal coating and laser welding or laser labelling