Precise grinding solutions require precise measurement. It is important for grinding (outer grinding, continuous grinding, and C-grinding) to keep the rotation without radial run-out. It is regularly checked according to the customer requirements.

We create added value by means of grinding. The outer grinding to roundness, or centreless grinding: The grinding to roundness is a widespread service within our key competence. For your demands in the area of shape and size tolerances, we select suitable grinding technology and take care of modern CNC machinery to be able to implement your requirements with top quality and economy. The components with potential deformation being just hardened require additional grinding to meet high quality demands.

We guarantee precise results for you, since our grinder for cylindrical rotational surfaces works using CNC technology, and thus makes for optimum results. With our machinery and efforts of our flexible employees, we are always capable of delivering orders in time, regardless of order size.

Centreless grinding

If there is a requirement for grinding long and/or thin, round construction components from bending soft or fragile materials in large piece counts, there is no alternative to the centreless outer grinding to roundness. In addition, centreless grinding offers use of sets of grinding disks, performing multiple tasks, such as machining to roughness, and slashing in a single step. The machining process itself namely meets the common method of grinding to roundness – however, even without points, there are several advantages:

  • Since the linear support of the workpiece prevents excessive stress by bending and twisting, even the bending soft and fragile workpieces are processed using high grinding forces without deformities.
  • Extremely short preparation times – the workpiece does not require any preparation for machining, or for the rotation movement transfer (no error sources after centring, toggling).
  • The tool exchange is not complicated, and can be easily automated.
  • Within the continuous slide grinding, no time is required for the tool exchange.
  • Extremely long components can be machined using machines with small construction size.
  • Round and rolling errors are less than 1 µm, and thus, they are by one half less than those of grinding between points.

Detail data

Size of batches 100 - 100,000 pieces
Diameter of parts Max. 45mm
Range of tolerances IT5 (4γ) or less as per agreement
Materials Aluminium, steel, high quality steel, brass, titanium, sintered material
Options SPC documentation of dimensions
Additional modifications Rolling, laser labelling, and laser welding