Often, there is a problem with a detail. Through our bid engineers, the feasibility test is included in every bid. Often working in a team, to meet all aspects of the production, quality assurance and planning.

We seek your ideas and the technical challenges of the solution, and we have expertise, experience and the latest technologies to be able to implement them. For more complex intentions or larger projects, we co-operate in the project team with you step by step, and provide production and continuous times, analyze procedures, and develop the most effective production process based on them.

It must be checked at the beginning of the demand, in the preparation phase, and during the planning phase, whether the project goal is realistic. The feasibility check method is usable for this purpose. This investment in preparatory work pays, when thinking of costs which arise in the case of a project which failed due to its infeasibility. The feasibility test result will provide basic data for the realistic risk management. The following aspects must be checked and checked according to the project:

1. Technical and expert feasibility
The basis for the technical and expert feasibility test includes expert concepts, as well as requirements, such as technical requirements, or technological regulations.

2. Organizational feasibility
What organizational and personal changes may the product have for the affected organizational unit?

3. Economic feasibility
How will the economic assessment come out (costs/benefit) (on what basis)? In the event of extended feasibility tests, another project environment is investigated including political, ecological, legal, and other aspects.

If any doubts arise regarding the feasibility, the decision is applicable selected from the following three options:

  • Performing a detailed feasibility study (approximate offer, FMEA study)
  • Interruption of the project
  • Implementation of the project despite its high risk (the first sampling of e.g. 100 pieces, then agree the next steps together)