Ypsotec employees have lived with this motto since its birth, since customer satisfaction is our top priority. We prove this day after day: With our commitment, we accept even the most difficult challenges, and resolve them through the in-depth expertise of individual teams. We are well up on solution-oriented work, continuously increasing our efficiency yet staying flexible. This results in innovative methods, high quality products, and flawless customer service. All Ypsotec employees are firmly focussed on continuing to develop Ypsotec's pioneering role as a precision manufacturer, and thus, they significantly contribute to the market success of our customers.

Grenchen team

Daniele Marco Galatioto - CEO Ypsotec

Daniele Marco Galatioto


Innovative technology is fascinating to Daniele Marco Galatioto, who began his professional career in 1984 with an apprenticeship as a construction fitter. In 1992, he graduated as a mechanical engineer in Gurgdorf, and then worked for almost 20 years at Güdel in various positions. Besides employment, he obtained a post-graduate diploma in the area of company economy/company management. He has in-depth experience in the area of automation/robotics, optimization of processes, laser welding, logistics and procurement. For eight years, he led very successful production plants as an executive co-ordinator, in the area of surface refinement. Since 3rd June 2019, he has been the CEO of Ypsotec AG. In his leisure time, Daniel enjoys sporting activities in countryside.

Eduard Lysser - Director Sales and Marketing

Eduard Lysser

Director Sales and Marketing

Relationship marketing is the program for Eduard Lysser. He obtained experience in sales and marketing in Switzerland, and abroad. As a skilled mechanic with further training as a TS technician, he developed and distributed tooling systems for automatic lathes as product manager and project manager. Besides employment, he obtained the qualification of Swiss certified sales manager, and led the sales department for a Swiss manufacturer of tools for grinding machines. More recently, he returned to the positions of the sales manager and company manager in the tools branch. Since October 2019, he has worked as the Ypsotec sales and marketing manager. In his leisure time, Eduard likes his natural surroundings, and he is an active archer.

Piero Tschanz - COO Ypsotec

Piero Tschanz


As a person responsible for production, technology, logistics and procurement, Piero Tschanz is zealous when it comes to challenges. Approximately 35 years ago, he finished his basic education as a lathe operator - mechanic, then technically and commercially developed himself in multi-annual education programs with a state examination, and became a proud expert. He is pleased to have brought his in-depth knowledge to Ypsotec since September 2013. Multi-annual professional experience in a variety of leading positions in the automotive industry and with watch production industry suppliers has sharpened his view of the whole and complexity of production. Economic thinking has become a matter of course. He spends his leisure time with his family and dog. To balance his working and personal life, he loves going to the mountains and mountain biking there. However, Piero's real passion is passive enjoyment of ice hockey, as well as active camping.

Ilse Galli - CFO Ypsotec

Ilse Galli


As financial, HR, and IT manager, Ilse Galli is loves analysing and assessing figures, thrives with people, and enjoys the different areas intersecting process optimization. She has appreciated the variety of task areas at Ypsotec, where she has exercised her in-depth expertise and developed her knowledge since July 2012. After graduating as a certified economist, she collected experience in various production plants (production of tools, production of paper, job-order manufacture) and positions. After embarking on a career in control, through various positions in project management, implementation of ERP systems, and as an IT manager, she passed through various positions, and then, in the control manager position, she returned to her professional roots and returned to intensive commitment. She supplemented her post-graduate education with an EMBA course in control & consultancy. She likes spends her leisure time abroad.

Fritz Leuenberger - Quality Control Manager

Fritz Leuenberger

Quality Control Manager

Fritz Leuenberger's philosophy is as follows: Always fulfil the customer's quality requirements. He started his profession life with a mechanic's apprenticeship at Sulzer AG in Zuchwil. For the next 15 years, he collected experience in the area of quality as an autonomous supervisor and deputy line supervisor. After transferring to Gewinde Ziegler AG, where his duties also included tasks in the area of goods receipt and testing devices management, he learned that the quality area was the challenge calling for him. Therefore, he graduated at SAQ (Swiss Association for Quality) as a quality supervisor. In 2003, he transferred to Ypsomed in Burgdorf (Ypsotec's parent company) as the quality supervisor, where he took his next steps as a quality professional: as QS deputy manager, Q-assistant in education, test planning and testing devices checks team manager. Since April 2010, he has been employed in Ypsotec. At first, he worked as the team manager for test planning, checks of testing devices and 3D-measuring devices, as well as quality deputy manager, and since October 2019, quality control manager in Grenchen and in Tábor. In his leisure time, Fritz loves touring with his labrador in the Swiss mountains.

Lucia Renfer - Human resources

Lucia Renfer
Human resources

+41 32 654 97 11 (direct)

During her apprenticeship as a commercial clerk, Ms Renfer realised that she was drawn to human resources. At the beginning of 2017, she trained as a professional trainer to gain her first experience in human resources. In 2019, she successfully completed further training to become a human resources administrator. As she is a very open-minded, outgoing and extroverted person, she enjoys working for and with employees.

In her free time, she enjoys travelling and getting to know other cultures and places.

Jonas Zumstein - Bid Engineer

Jonas Zumstein

Bid Engineer

The bid demands are enthusiastically processed by Jonas Zumstein as fast as possible, based on customers’ wishes, in detail. The skilled designer has experience in the automotive branch and as a process analyst in the watch production industry. Besides employment, he attended a three-year course to become a HF company processes technician. Since March 2018, he has worked for Ypsotec. In his leisure time, Jonas enjoys football, both as a player and spectator. 

Stefan Hirschi - Customer Service

Stefan Hirschi

Customer Service

For Stefan Hirschi, customer service is the basis for success. He is a skilled machine drawer/designer, he worked in this position for 13 years in the mechanical and metalworking industry. Then, he transferred to customer service, where he fulfilled the wishes and needs of renowned watches producers for eleven years. Since September 2018, he has been employed in Ypsotec customer service. In-depth expertise in technology and sales means that he is competent with everyday market requirements. Stefan's hobby is aquaria.

Marcel Saurer - Strategic Purchase

Marcel Saurer

Strategic Purchase

Good supplier relations are very important to Marcel Saurer. He is responsible for strategic and operative purchase. He acquired his purchase knowledge through his training as a purchase expert. He collected the experience in various professional activities: purchase manager and strategic purchaser in the medical industry, purchase manager and maintenance manager in industrial production, PPS group manager and electronics manager in the electronics industry. Since May 2017, he has been employed by Ypsotec as the strategic purchaser. Marcel's leisure time focusses on skiing and target shooting.

Patricio Alain Gilly - Sales engineer

Patricio Alain Gilly

Sales engineer

Patricio has always been passionate about numbers and technology. After graduating from high school in Spain, he moved to Switzerland, where he completed an apprenticeship as a polymechanic in milling. He then gained further professional experience in the field of machining as a lathe operator in medical technology. Alongside his job, he trained to become a mechanical engineering technician HF and, as a technician at a Swiss tool manufacturer, he gained broad knowledge in the field of machining with high-performance tools. He can use this wealth of experience as a sales engineer at Ypsotec in costing and with technical feasibility studies.

In his free time, Patricio is an active runner and passionate dancer.

Werner Oehler - Purchase

Werner Oehler


Werner Oehler is the operative purchase officer. Good relations between colleagues and suppliers is very important to Werner Oehler. He came from a different sphere to purchases, and acquired the required expert knowledge from his work and internal training. He has collected experience from a variety of professional activities; production planner, AVOR employee, and salesman. Since May 2011, he worked for Ypsotec. In his leisure time, Werner advocates the protection of animals.

Tábor team

Miroslav Lacha - General Manager Tábor

Miroslav Lacha

General Manager Tábor

With his exemplary career and one of the best educations, Miroslav Lacha joined Ypsotec. As an electrical engineering graduate with consequent studies of economy and MBA in the Czech Technical University Sheffield Hallam, he has gained extensive expertise in large companies, such as Robert Bosch, Freudenberg Mektec, Ingersoll-Rand, and Prym Consumer in the Czech Republic, with experience and management, which has been duly applied by him at Ypsotec since October 2018. In his leisure time, Miroslav has a thirst for knowledge, and enjoys his natural surroundings and endurance sports, such as mountain biking.

Petr Šaloun - COO Tábor

Petr Šaloun

COO Tábor

Versatility and technique have always been key to Petr's career. He graduated from university as a mechanical and electrical engineer. In the UK, he attended English language courses, and trained in the area of auditing and quality management. After training in the army, he worked in various industrial companies in the Czech Republic, and gradually, he learnt how to develop his skills, from quality manager to mechanical engineering manager in the plastic industry. Since May 2019, he has been the production manager in Tábor. In his leisure time too, his passion is his technical background, as he lovingly restores cars. He recharges his batteries with his family and dog in the countryside.

Zdena Žižková - Customer Service Tábor

Zdena Žižková

Customer Service Tábor

From Haute Couture to complex components - no problem for this textile expert with school education. Zdena Žižková spent the first years of her professional life in the textile branch, and worked her way up the ladder, from production to expert officer. Since 2010, she has been employed by Ypsotec in customer service, and has a wide portfolio of tasks: in addition to sales, it includes customs documentation, transport documents and communication with customers. In her leisure time, Zdena loves life with her family, and recharges her batteries with sport and gardening.

Bozena Ticha - Customer Service Tábor

Bozena Ticha

Customer Service Tábor

Communication is the cornerstone of good relationships, Božena Tichá says, who attended a gymnasium in foreign languages, German and Russian, and who passed a state examination as an interpreter. Within her profession, she worked for six years in a Czech production company manufacturing windows and doors; as the fundamental point of contact for German-speaking customers. Then, she worked for more than ten years in sales and technical clarification for German-speaking countries. In May 2015, she transferred to Ypsotec, in charge of the customer care. Through her ongoing training in sales and interviews, as well as co-operation with strong exemplars, she has extended her knowledge. In her private life, Božena thrives with her family around her, and loves it when everyone around her has something in common with sports.

Veronika Capkova - Human Resources Tabor

Veronika Capkova

Human Resources Tabor

Veronika Čapková has a very refined way of dealing with people and working with numbers. She started her career working for a service provider where she could offer personal advice to customers. She then expanded her experience by working in administration, where she was responsible for controlling, ordering and invoicing. Since January 2013, she has been responsible for the areas of personnel and accounting at Ypsotec. Veronika is a very open, family person who enjoys going for walks in the fresh air, surrounded by nature.

Jan Bartos - Strategic Purchase Tábor

Jan Bartos

Strategic Purchase Tábor

Jan Bartoš' family is at the centre of his profession activities. He collected experience for 16 years in his family company, focussing on production, commerce, and international transport. He joined Ypsotec in 2018, in order to further develop and use his acquired skills. He supplements his non-technical university education (management and marketing) by engaging in all company activities, including the production department. He works in Ypsotec in the purchase area, and looks forward to new challenges every day. Jan spends his leisure time with his family, in his natural surroundings.

Simon Slovacek - Quality Management

Simon Slovacek

Quality Management

Quality is a natural part of life for Simon Slováček. He develops directives and checks their qualitative and time observance, monitors quality development, and focusses on ongoing improvement. After going to private school in Benešov, he collected his first experience in a company in professional manual tools, production of tools and plastic injection, and he supplemented his training later at an automotive supplier in the area of robotic welding. In 2016, he transferred to Ypsotec, where he is responsible for quality management on the Tábor site. Continuous education in the quality area, and close cooperation with experts very much motivate him. Currently, he is training at ČSJ, Czech Company for Quality in Prague, to be a certified quality manager. In his leisure time, Simon loves fresh mountain air, and skiing down on dry ski slopes.