Expertise and experience since 1912

Ypsotec was born from Décolletage AG established in 1916, and it has a long and tradition-rich history. In the last 15 years, the company has successfully expanded its sphere of authority to the area of short components turning, milling, laser engraving, laser welding and installation of assembly units.

Decolletage AG was one of the first companies resident in Grenchen, dedicated to the production of turned products. The preceding company Friedli und Kaiser Kollektivgesellschaft was founded back in 1912 by Otto Friedli and Erwin Kaiser. From 1922, the company was a family company run by Walter and Hermann Wälti. From 1980, the company was managed by director Hans Roth. The Chairman of the Board of Directors is now Dr. Kurt Grütter, who is related to the Wälti family. The Grütter and Roth team found a strong investment partner in 1980 in the Finnish company Suunto and the Niemistö family. In 1989, Suunto completely took over the company. Willy Michel, the CEO of Disetronic finally bought Decolletage from Suunto in 1994 Disetronic. In 2003, Mr. Michel sold the company to Roche, and at the same time, he established Ypsomed, manufacturing injection and infusion systems for autonomous medication. Decolletage has become a subsidiary of Ypsomed, and since then, its name has been Ypsotec.

Tábor plant extended by 4,000 m2 in the Tábor plant (CZ)

Start of multi-spindle machining (Tornos MultiSwiss 6*16)

New building at the Tábor production plant

Start of laser welding

Establishment of the Tábor plant (CZ) as a pillar in the EU.

Decolletage AG renamed Ypsotec AG

ISO certification in accordance with ISO 13485

ISO certification in accordance with ISO 9001

Willy Michels Disetronic AG bought Decolletage AG from Suunto

Establishment of Decolletage AG in Grenchen from Friedli und Kaiser Kollektivgesellschaft

Establishment of Kollektivgesellschaft Friedli und Kaiser by Otto Friedli and Erwin Kaiser